Monday, July 25, 2016

The land of choice

Hello blog friends!

It has been a long time since I blogged, but I decided to dust it off for an election season post.

The current national election stage is heated on both sides, with so much in-fighting in each party that they have barely been able to begin general election campaigns.

In the meantime, the state primaries are August 2, and so I thought I would lighten things up a bit by sharing some of the contents of my state primary ballot.

Top seat is the U.S. Senator. Including the incumbent who has been in office since 1992, we have 17 people running for the privilege of being one of the top 2 candidates that proceed to the general election. Although we do have a fair representation of Democrats and Republicans lining up to challenge her, there are many small affiliations. Among the most interesting:

The Human Rights Party
Conservative Party (different from Republicans)
Standupamerica Party (yes it is one word)
Lincoln Caucus Party
System Reboot Party

One of the Republican candidates is listed as Uncle Mover. Apparently he owns a moving company and at some point legally changed his name to Mike the Mover. He has run many times. Perhaps to shake things up, he has again legally changed his name, this time to Uncle Mover.

For Governor,  we have 11 on the ballot.
Goodspaceguy wants to abolish the minimum wage in favor of allowing people to sell their labor. He has no problem calling constituents losers. As far as his name, he wants to colonize space. He has run for just about everything on the ballot. I will let him speak for himself:
Goodspaceguy Interview from last year's Port Commissioner race.
In addition to Goodspaceguy and the usual parties, we have candidates representing:

Socialist Worker Party
Fifth Republic Party
Holistic Party

We also have 11 people running for lieutenant governor, although there is some concern that some of them might not know what the duties of lieutenant governor are.

In more local politics, we have a guy running for office who has these credentials: attorney, accountant, Professional Engineer, U.S. Patent Agent, general contractor, and successful CEO of a high technology company. He has doctorates in Law, Medicine, and Computer Science.

I don't know how he has time to run for office, let allow hold a seat! 

This fellow is not in my district, but he has what must be the worst road signs ever produced. This is on a highway where people drive between 60 and 70 mph. It isn't even as large as a typical candidate sign. And it is placed behind someone else's sign. He really needs to find a better graphic designer. 

Let the Games Begin!! 

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